Highly scented wax melts to burn in your home. The perfect addition to your relaxing and pamper day and a special gift for you or your loved ones.

To burn, just break off one cube of wax, place it into the top of a burner and if required place a tea light underneath and light. If using an electric burner, turn it on and let the burner fill your home with the delicious scents.

Approx Sizing: Wax Pot 40g, Snap Bar 50g, Luxury Wax Melt 80g

SPA: Time To Unwind

  • Revitalising & soothing this invigorating spicy oriental fragrance where bold citrus top notes are lifted by a burst of black pepper. Supported by a herbal fusion rosemary & eucalyptus, enriched by warm spices and precious wood amber & musk.

  • UK - up to 5 working days

    International - up to 12 working days