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New for 2021

With 2021 upon us and it being a bit of a strange start to the year, I thought an update on some new scents and products we have coming may be a little distraction.

Firstly, we want to thank you for your continued support over these difficult and strange times and for buying for our little business.

So what have we that is new? Lets start with scents. We have decided to add some more luxurious scents to our range and will be creating collections with four top favourites. Our new scents are mainly part of our inspired by range. We have dupes from Molten Brown, White Company, Yankee Candle, Jo Malone, Tom Ford and others.

New for 2021:

Madam Amour - Our valentines special is the perfect addition to your home with a bit of everything all girls love! Perfume - Miss Baccarat, A Glass of Fizz - Strawberry Fizz, Flowers - Rose Pepperpod and Miss Fabulous because we all like to be told we are.

Madam Molten - Rose Pepperpod, Mulberry & Thyme, Sandalwood & Black Pepper and Rhubarb & Rose

Madam White Co - Blanc, Noir and White Lavender join our best selling Seychelles

Madam Ford - We have added Black Orchid and Miss Fabulous to complement our other scents

Madam Hinch - This collection see's Rosey Wonderland joins Fresh Linen, Springtime, Mountain Air and Spring Awakening.

Madam Yan-kee - Lemon Lavender, Wedding Day and Home Sweet Home

We still have our ever popular Perfume, Aftershave and Spa ranges too.

We have our beautiful Virtual Hug candle with a personalised message (see below), that is a perfect way to send some love and warmth to your loved ones who you can't wait to squeeze when this is all over.

We also have our fave snapbars coming back in new packaging. Also joining is a new large 24 cube luxury wax melt pack that will have 4 of your favourite scents packaged together, with some dried flowers included.

With Valentines and Mothers Day just around the corner we have some love to share in a beautiful new packaging, that we are also looking into upgrading to our sample box (don't forget to subscribe for monthly scents) only £10 a month.

We have a range of special candles that we are working on that will make perfect keepsakes and gifts for your loved ones.

As you can tell we have been working on some special items that we can't wait to share with you in the coming weeks. Please join us on Instagram and Facebook @madammelts and join our private facebook for giveaways, raffles and special discounts.

Watch this space and let us know your thoughts on our new products and as always we appreciate your ideas, feedback, support and love.

All the best and Stay Safe

Lottie xx

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