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Hello and Welcome 😊

Hi All,

Firstly thank you for taking the time to subscribe to my little business. Secondly, if you have ordered thank you, your custom means so much to us.

A bit about me. I graduated university last year and decided to turn a little hobbies into what you see today, Madam Melts.

We are based in Manchester and have loved going out into different communities and showing you what we can offer. We know there's many other amazing wax melt and candle businesses out there but we strive to be the best we can, providing you with the best products possible.

We are open to suggestions whether that be products, scents or website improvements as we continue on this amazing journey.

We love seeing our products in your homes, so tag us on Instagram @madammelts or use the #madammeltsofmcr

We have some brand reps currently but this is something we will change from time to time and will expand as we grow.

Please keep sharing and ordering to help us grow day by day, we appreciate every single one of you! 💛🖤

Thank you and Stay safe 💛🖤

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