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How quick is delivery & how much?

All items are made to order and may take up to 7 working days. Delivery charges are calculated at the checkout.


Do you accept returns?

If the items are faulty when the consumer receives them, the consumer must notify Madam Melts by email ( upon receipt of faulty goods.

We CAN NOT accept refund or returns when:

  • You do not like the scent or smell

  • The item has been used

  • The item has been opened

  • The item has been partially used

How do I use my melts?


Always use a burner designed for wax melts.
Check your burner regularly for hairline cracks or chips before use. Never use burners with cracks or chips as this can be a fire hazard.
Use 1 regular sized unscented tealight in your burner and do not add water.
Always keep out of reach of children and pets at all times. Electric burners are recommended to reduce risk.
Always keep in sight when burning. Never leave a lit tealight unattended.
Keep away from draughts.
Always pay attention to the safety information on the packaging.
Always keep your burner on a stable and heatproof surface away from fire hazards.
Remove all packaging before placing wax in your burner.
Use a suitable amount of wax for the size of your wax burner. Do not overfill.
Do not attempt to move your wax burner while burning.
In accordance with the European Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 on Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) (2009), information on the chemical composition and associated hazards of each fragrance is displayed on our products.
Madam Melts products are used at your own risk. Please ensure you follow all the safety advice above when using our products. Village Wax Melts does not accept responsibility for any damage caused as a result of the misuse of its products.

Do you offer Bespoke Gift packages/boxes?

Yes, we do. Please email any enquiries to:

Which countries do you ship to?

Currently we only ship to the UK.

Are you Insured and CLP Compliant?

Yes, We are fully insured and CLP Compliant.

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